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Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth Bundle

Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth Bundle

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Introducing our exclusive Healthy Hair Bundle, featuring the nourishing trio of R&B Antioxidant Shampoo, R&B Antioxidant Conditioner, and TR3 Double Strength Scalp Serum. Elevate your hair care routine with this powerful combination designed to cleanse, strengthen, and activate your locks.

Step 1: Cleanse
Daily wash with R&B Antioxidant Shampoo is recommended to deep cleanse and hair, optimizing hair growth and to heal and balance scalp irritations.

Step 2: Strengthen
R&B Antioxidant Conditioner are pH balanced, protecting the hair cuticle and strengthening and moisturizing the hair.

Step 3: Activate
TR3 Double Strength Scalp Serum activate hair growth, prevent from hair loss and hair thinning.