About Mark Birch


Mark Birch is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of hair and scalp care. In fact, Mark has over 35 years’ experience in the field of hair loss and treatment. Born into a long line of family hairdressers in West London Mark was able to gain solid real life experience how to best tackle hair loss issues. In fact, thereafter he studied Combined Science (Trichology) in London and subsequently, added to his MIT (Trichology). Mark also has a City  & Guilds in hairdressing and currently, a Fellow of the Asian Society of Trichologists.

Mark’s prominence as a top international hair and scalp specialist began whilst he was engaged at the distinguished Mayfair based clinic of Atkins & Law. Here he became renowned for his groundbreaking work in treating the most severe cases of Alopecia (Hair Loss). In fact, through such excellent results in treating hair loss has to he become a top Trichologist.


He has also been working at various trichological associations and institutions around the world as a teacher and as a clinician. For example, he has worked with experts such as Kenneth Price, former chairman of The Institute of Trichologists and President of the Asian Society of Trichologists. Also with John Atkins, former chairman of The Institute of Trichologists. Finally to add to the list, companies such as Molton Brown, Svensson, Atkins and Law, Viaderm, Nivea/Beiersdorf, RA Hair, and Mark Birch Hair Care Co. Working as a Trichologist at various industries and professionals has only added to his already existing portfolio.

Mark has been consulted over the years by various members of Royalty and celebrities around the world.

Mark brings strong expertise and knowledge of the global hair and scalp care market. He works closely with medical practitioners in hair care and transplant surgeons. Also, is constantly working with international labs for new innovations, such as stem cells and hair research.

As a result of years’ hard work, we are now launching a modern and unique set of hair care products for your hair and scalp health. Our Mark Birch Hair loss products are the ultimate solution for handling hair loss issues.